Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snow & Ice

We hear that spring is on its way to Minnesota. It sure is taking its sweet time- but its creeping up on us slowly but surely- a 70 degree day here, a 45 degree day there. A couple weeks ago, we woke up to a few inches of wet accumulating snow on our doorstep. Nothing too much to worry about, but just enough for Ryan to take it easy and stay off the roads to work.

While Ryan worked from home, I was busy cleaning the house and baking. For Christmas last year Ryan gave me a Minnesota cookbook- which I was eager to try out now that we call it our home. I found a recipe for a delicious apple cake, and we just happened to have everything we needed to make it- so I wouldn't have to go out in the sloshy mess.

As I made apple cake- Ryan shoveled the deck. I thought it was a weird thing to do because I knew that we were supposed to have nicer weather in the coming week- but like always I figure, he had a reason for it- (he was preparing for the puppy surprise).

It was nice to have him home during the day. Who knows? Maybe he'll have to stay home later this week- the forecast is already calling for wet snow. Oh, Minnesota in April.

The view out our kitchen window.

The deck- all covered with snow.

Yum- Apple cake is in the oven!


Carroll Family said...

Love the photos Amberly! It looks like you will have a very lush backyard come spring (hopefully soon!). Buying a home with mature landscaping is a blessing; can't wait to see pictures of all your trees and flowers in bloom!

Amberly said...

Hi Katie! Thanks a bunch for the comment. We've gotten a look at what's below the snow this week. We have a good amount of yardwork to do but it will all be worth it come summer!