Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our New Friend

The Austad family has a new friend...his name is MAC. Ryan and I admit that we're a little slow to the MAC experience. Our whole computer situation began a few months ago when my computer went belly up. My good ol' Dell laptop finally kicked the bucket in a blue screen/"I'm out of memory and I just destroyed everything on your hard drive" kind of way. However, in this wonderful newfangled life of social networking, most of our favorite pictures and videos made it to facebook or shutterfly before the catastrophe.

After months of research and many visits to the Apple store at Village Pointe, we decided we were ready to purchase our family computer. Last night we picked up a 21" Mac with a wireless keyboard and mouse for further "no wires please" ease. We were happy, blissful, full of energy and excited about the potential fun that this new computer would bring into our lives. And then we got home.

Ryan and I aren't much for tech projects. The guy at the Apple store said setup was pretty fool-proof. I guess we're worse than fools, because after arriving back at home around 8:00PM, and a Wal-Mart run for a new modem, we weren't actually fully operating until 11:00PM. You see, our old modem kept re-setting itself every so often, so our past Internet connection was an on again/off again relationship. And because we were so sick of rebooting, replugging, and rewiring our Internet connection every 15 minutes, something had to be done. After testing the computer out again this morning...everything seems to be running seamlessly!

We're still getting used to our new Mac...so if any Mac users out there have some helpful hints or tips we'd love to hear them! Here's wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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