Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sure Brings Back the Memories

In the year 1999, (can't believe its been over a decade now) Amberly then Thomas, and Ryan Austad started high school in 2 separate states. While Ryan was off being a football stud at Roosevelt High School, Amberly had just made the Columbus High School cheer leading squad. Both of us endured long summer camps for our respective sports (yes, cheer leading is a sport).

Last week we were talking about summer camps, and Ryan was telling me all about the 3 a day practices in the South Dakota heat, and I reminisced about staying at the UNL dorms for cheer camp and eating the "delicious" cafeteria food. (the UNL cafeteria is also where I left my retainer on the lunch tray, let it go through the conveyor belt and had to call my Aunt Sue to take me out of camp and to the orthodontist to fit me for a new one- but that's a story for a different day).

After all the reminiscing and storytelling, I got to relive a part of my summer cheer camp memories with my Ralston JV Squad this past weekend. While the girls were more at home in their own school cafeteria, they sure learned a lot and brought back some awesome memories. From "big sisters" to ABC stretching, drill downs to spirit ribbons, I felt like I was back at camp with them. And with the Varsity Pom camp coming up this weekend, I'm excited to remember it all over again!

The JV Squad

Working Hard

With Their Big Sisters

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