Saturday, July 10, 2010

Red White and Blue Cake

My baking adventures began last weekend when I decided to try out a fun and festive Fourth of July cake. Now before you say it, I know I should be good at making cakes...runs in the family right? Well...I think I did pretty good. I'm no Kathy Thomas... yet. I started off with all of the ingredients I needed and a little My Best Friend's Wedding on the TV.

After about 30 minutes of baking, and hour to cool, another 4 hours to let the jello set in the poke cake, another 30 minutes of frosting and prepping...I was done! Wooooo! And ya know what? It was actually pretty good! Take a look for yourself, and just imagine me wafting the yummy cake smell your direction :)

The Ingredients
(Julia Roberts was a big help)

Mixing the Batter- see the box on the Left. Not gonna lie- its not from scratch.

Voila! A Decorated cake! I wish it had come out of the oven that way!

It doesn't hurt to have a hunky husband showing off the cake either :)

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