Friday, July 2, 2010

Dining Room Table = Excitement

I think we have finally reached the moment in life where we begin adulthood. You would think building a house would have some sort of effect on this situation, however the moment that really hit me, was when our dining room table and chairs were delivered. Not the fact that we have one, but the excitement that it caused! Remember Christmas morning when you were a kid and you've been waiting all year for the Big Wheel Bike or a new stuffed animal? That's exactly the feeling I had with the table. After the delivery guys set the table in our kitchen I was soooo very excited. A dining table?! :) WAHOO!

Ryan prefers to leave the leaf in the its quite a lot of space for the two of us to eat our honey nut cheerios at. But I can just imagine many family meals and game nights in the future around our table. And if you happen to have any meal requests next time you come to visit...please let me know, and we would be happy to oblige! :) Enjoy this wonderful Fourth of July Weekend everyone!

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