Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

(Kim, Kelli and Me!)

It's Christmas Eve!!! Do you have all your presents wrapped? Has Santa Clause come to your house yet? Are you full of Christmas cheer like me?! :)

Ryan and I headed up to Sioux Falls Thursday night with Sara and Mike in a wintry wonderland drive! We made it here safely and are looking forward to the events of this weekend with the Austad family.

To get into the spirit, last weekend I went ice skating with my cousins and their significant others. We had so much fun! Sadly, Ryan was in Minnesota that weekend, but we made sure to keep him up to date with our night, sending silly texts and picture messages of our skating adventure.

First up was dinner at Old Chicago. I have to admit this was one of the most laid-back dinners I think I've ever had. I was expecting the restaurant to be packed with Holiday party-goers, but it wasn't so bad. And after we ate, we were able to sit around and chat while enjoying a little holiday cheer. (something had to keep us warm for ice skating)

There isn't really a place to put your things at the ice-skating rink, so we decided to drop purses in Kelli and Greg's car in the nearby parking garage. This was quite a feat. After walking around aimlessly, up and down stairs and ramps for a good 20 minutes, we finally found the vehicle!!! And we were off to ice skate. I think we went ice skating on a week night last year, but this year we went on a Friday night. When we arrived the place was pretty packed so we took our time getting our skates on and by the time we hit the ice, the crowd had thinned. (no ice puns intended).

What a wonderful time!!!! I remember always loving ice skating, but I think when you're under the Christmas lights with Christmas music playing and laughter in the air, it brings back a great childhood nostalgia.

Our Parking Garage Adventure

Ben and Kim Ice Skating

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