Monday, December 27, 2010

Scarf in Progress

Sometime in early November, Ryan's sister, Sara, taught me how to crochet. At first, I wasn't a pro, but I really started to enjoy the repeated motions of crocheting. Its something that I can do while sitting in front of the TV, or waiting in my car. I picked out a black/gray/silver yarn for a scarf that would match nicely with my charcoal colored coat. I figured I'd whip up this project in a week or two. It's been over a month now.....

This crocheting thing takes determination and time. Little by little I've been adding to my work of art, and it continues to grow. At first my lines were sguiggly and I didn't have the exact and repeated steps down pat. After a good week or 2, I really honed in on making the scarf look symmetrical from side to side. I'm not done, quite yet, but I'm getting there. Ryan mentioned that I should get started on a baby blanket- because it might take me 3 years to make it. haha, very funny Ryan.

The awkward beginning stages

What it looks like today

Its getting longer!!!


Jeannine said...

Nice job, Amberly! My friend AK just taught me how to crochet in November! I was already a knitter, but had not yet learned how to crochet. I agree with you - the repetitive motions are good for busybodies like us!! I really love doing it while I'm watching TV - somehow it prevents me from feeling like I'm "just" sitting there! :)

Sara Rubin said...

I love it! It's looking so good. :) Mike actually made the exact same baby blanket comment to me after watching me work on my full-sized blanket project. We'll have to get together for another crocheting party one of these days.