Friday, December 17, 2010

Ryan=Mr. Minnesota

Ryan is in Minneapolis tonight...actually he's been there since yesterday. Since our news about the big move has occurred, we've been putting into action the next steps. Ryan has been back and forth from MN a few times now in the past 3 weeks. Mostly its for work and to make sure everything is lining up nicely for his transition to the Minneapolis office. But he's also able to take a peek at a few of the house listings we've found in the area. -and of course help with the metrodome collapse. :)

Since our house is still on the market, and I am searching for a job- we're not too serious about finding a place right now-so Ryan's just taking a peek. We've looked at condos, townhouses, duplexes, and single family homes. We've ruled out certain suburbs and areas of town and are now zeroing in on places we like. But there are many things that must fall into place before we narrow things down and find a place to call our own.

Please continue to send thoughts and prayers our way for a smooth transition and the blessing of a buyer for our home. My mom sent us a care package the other day and in it was a little statue of St. Joseph. The box said: "Selling your house? Bury a saint." I'll let you read up on the background of this story. But, St. Joseph is now buried at our house!

Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year- I know we are. Only 1 more week until Christmas Eve!

Ryan- You might need to wear something a little warmer next time
: )

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