Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swap Shop

Since I started coaching my dance team, I have been part of Ralston High School's employee resource system. This system includes our school email, calendar, transportation rentals, etc. All of the good stuff that a school should have. One of the other really neat things is Ralston's "Swap Shop." Its kind of a private Craigslist for Ralston teachers and staff. Teachers post books that they need for their classes or items they might accumulate from others for elementary art projects.

But in between the slew of toilet paper roll requests and the suggestions for electricians in the area, are also items for sale. Most of the time I browse through this list and don't find anything that we really need. But the other day I found a diamond in the rough.

Exhibit A:

Since our camera took a dive...literally (click here for the full story). I have been looking around for a replacement. See, Ryan and I had 2 other cameras in our house before we lost our good one. A blue beater that I've had since high school circa 1999, and a red camera that works fine- but has had some shutter issues. (you've seen that in past posts). Our hope is that we can purchase a brand new camera in the future- preferably one like this...but...we don't really need it right now. So, I flexed my muscle in haggling. The lady was selling the camera, memory card and camera bag for $65.00. I offered $20. She took it! I know its not the newest model on the block- but I believe it'll do for now and will be better than old blue and shutter shock red. I'll get my hands on it tomorrow- so I hope to share some pictures with you soon!

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