Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our 2nd Christmas

Ryan and I have kept up the tradition of celebrating a Christmas of our own. Even if its just the 2 of us...we still think its important to have our own celebration. Last year, we were in the process of deciding whether or not we would buy/build a house, so we pared down gift giving to just swapping stockings. It worked like a charm! So, we did the same thing this year!

Among Ryan's goodies: new pj pants, a Minnesota twins stocking cap, vikings ornament, Reese's pieces, a new toothbrush, new boxers, and a new video camera (that didn't work- boo).

Amberly's goodies: Minnesota cookbook, Minnesota t-shirt, new sunglasses, and NEW spatulas (woo!)

Overall, we stuck with fun necessities that we'll use over and over again. We had a great night!

Ryan patiently awaits the opening of his stocking.

New Shades!

Trying on the new PJ pants.

Twins Hat, Sunglasses, Minnesota shirt and cookbook and spatulas. :) merry christmas to us!

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