Monday, January 10, 2011

2 Years as Mr. & Mrs.

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. We woke up this morning to 6 inches of snow covering our front porch and driveway. After rolling over in bed and kissing my husband good morning, I showered and prepared for my day at work. This is quite a departure from what we were doing 2 years ago today.

After blow drying my hair and putting on my makeup, I laid back in bed next to Ryan and we recapped exactly what we were doing at this very moment 2 years ago. I had anxiously woken up to freshly fallen snow, my sister knocked on my door and brought in a wedding day present- a container of everything we would possibly need for the day- clear nail polish, mints, lipstick, Kleenex, etc. After a big sister hug and my wedding day shower...we were off to the salon to beautify ourselves for the big day. Ryan woke up in a hotel room at the New World Inn, his dad as his roommate for the evening. He remembers that the boys were to help with centerpieces that morning and putting out wedding favors on each place setting.

2 years ago, we were full of excitement, anticipation and love. Today- we're filled with very similar emotions.

Although I didn't head to the salon this morning, I helped my husband shovel snow off of our driveway, smiling with every huff and puff and push of snow. In all aspects of life, we're still in it together.

God has blessed us with each other. With every day that passes, I can't imagine life without Ryan. Over the past 2 years, we've been through a lot of life experiences together. We've cried together at funerals, experienced pure joy riding roller coasters at amusement parks, we've been stressed and excited at building a home of our own, we've planned for our future and watched those plans turn 180 degrees in another direction. We've spent quiet evenings together reading books in front of our fireplace, traveled to new places, and experienced life-threatening situations. We've created scrumptious dinners and praised God together.

2 years ago, I knew I was marrying my best friend, but I didn't know that I would love him more and more with each passing day. Happy 2nd Anniversary Ry! I'm so excited to see what's in store for us in the coming years.

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Sara Rubin said...

Congrats you guys - Romeo & Juliet, Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy, Ryan and Amberly - you'll all go down in history as one of the best couples ever! :)