Monday, January 17, 2011

Would You Like Spaghetti with Your Steak?

Continuing on with the posts of family togetherness....the Thomas family Christmas took place the weekend of January 7-9th while everybody was home. Everybody means everybody. When we were younger, I remember feeling like we had a big family compared to a lot of my friends that just had families of 4, I was lucky enough to have a family of 6. And now today, we have a family of 9 + Zoey.

On Friday, January 7th, Ryan and I prepped our place for an open house that weekend and headed to Columbus to enjoy Christmas with the Thomas fam. All of us headed out to The Husker Steak House in Columbus, NE to enjoy some yummy Midwestern fare. My Aunt Pam, Uncle Scott and Cousin Eric also met us for the occasion.

The Husker House is a quaint little place with floral wall paper and brass coat hooks. The menu includes many choices of steak: filet mignon, hickory grilled rib eye, new york strip, etc. But along with the steak, Ryan noticed a very odd side option. Spaghetti? Yes, that's right....with your steak you get a potato side (french fries, hashbrowns or baked potato), cup of soup, garden or Caesar salad, an Italian roll and your choice of a vegetable or spaghetti.

An odd combination? Yes. But nothing goes to waste when you're with the Thomas'. Any side that was not completely savored was passed around, usually to Jared, to finish it off.

Steak and Spaghetti anyone?

The Whole Family

What a silly couple

Aunt Pam talks to the newly engaged couple.

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