Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Very African Christmas

I'm pretty sure if you told my parents 20 years ago that one of their sons was going to live in Africa for a few years, they would've looked at you sideways. As you know, this year was the first year for Christmas with everyone together. Where Tyson is living there is no Target, Wal-Mart, or big department store. Just a few street vendors with some pretty sweet stuff.

We all received African presents from Tyson and Meggan wrapped in African cloth and string. Very authentic gifts, that I'm sure we'll all cherish for a long time.

After our dinner at the Husker House, we all arrived back at the house and jumped into our pajamas. It was time for presents! Mom received a small African chair, that you can actually take with you and disassemble into 2 pieces for easy transfer, Dad got an African mask, Brie and Jason received an African Drum, Jared received an African Soccer Jersey and Ryan and I received an African painting and some pretty neat elephant coasters.

Along with our gifts, we recalled past Christmases and Dad played a Christmas CD. The kids did secret Santa this year, since almost everyone was traveling, we figured buying only 1 gift for 1 person would be easier than exchanging with all 7 kids. Mom of course got the present bug and gifted us some new clothing, watches, wallets and calendars. Apparently she wants us clothed and on time. :) Thanks Mom!

It was a pretty fun time to be around each other and just enjoy the time we had together. Who knows where we'll all be this time next year!?

Me and Ry- with African Wrapping

Dad did get a new Christmas Stocking...literally stocking! haha :)
I crack myself up!
Tyson, Meggan, Ryan and Me

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