Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Ryan and I experienced our first ever snow in our new home this January. Or at least the first recordable snow. We had flurries and 1/2" of snow in December, but nothing like this! I believe the weather predicted snow to start falling Sunday, January 9th and that it wouldn't stop until mid Tuesday the 11th! Well, the weathermen were sure right about Sunday and Monday.

When we returned from Columbus on Sunday afternoon we had at least 6 inches already on our driveway. Thankfully, I had purchased a snow shovel from our local Menards only a few weeks ago that Ryan used, and I ran back up on our large push brush as Ryan shoveled.

It was good teamwork, but by the time we were done with our 2 stalls, (we decided to forgo shoveling the 3rd stall), the snow had already fallen another 1/2"! After seeing that we decided to head in for some hot chocolate and to warm up our fingers and toes before heading out to scoop again on Monday morning.

As much of a nuisance as it is, I really do love the cold and the snow and I'm pretty sure Ryan feels the same. Good thing as we move up north! When the metrodome collapsed, the twin cities had 17 inches in a 2 day span! wowee...I think we'll get a snow blower!

Shoveling begins

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