Friday, March 18, 2011

A Blast from the Past

As I've been organizing things here at our new place, I've come across some very interesting things. Among them, my letter from UNL telling me that I had met all of the requirements for graduation, random notes/cards from when Ryan and I dated, and a lot of un-marked CDs.

Naturally, with so much free time on my hands- I have cataloged and organized every single thing in our house. Trust me, I'm not kidding here. If you asked me where my 2008 W-2 was right now, I would be able to go to the exact drawer and file and find it for you. Its almost a bit anal- but that's a whole other post.

On one of these un-marked CDs I found a bunch of pictures from my childhood. I'm guessing I scanned these images in and made the CD when I was planning our wedding. So after lots of giggles and memories- here are a few that I'd like to share with you!

I think this might've been my first birthday, on a picnic with my sister Brie and brother Ty.
I'm guessing my love of the color yellow may have stemmed from that care bear.

Nothing's cuter than a toddler with a messy face right?

Alf cake- enough said!

With my cousins Nikki left and Kelli right.
I'm guessing Kelli didn't want to take that picture.

I was always into something.

Looks like Tyson lent me some pajamas.

A few cousins at my grandparent's wedding anniversary at New World Inn.

At the New World Inn for Easter brunch with grandpa and grandma. Jared looks thrilled.

Teaching dance at the studio.

Senior year tap picture. This is just ridiculous-ness now that I look at it. How much time did I spend in the sun? SPF!!

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Tyson said...

I wish I still had that power t-shirt! Have you ever thought about going back to the hair crimping? That was a good look.