Friday, March 11, 2011

He has a Plan


Its only been a few weeks since we've moved to the Twin Cities, and I have had the lovely opportunity to put our house together during the time of my unemployment. While its no surprise that I would love to find a job as soon as possible and to contribute my skills to a fantastic employer, I wouldn't say I have been hating this time period either.

God works in very interesting ways, and I trust that he has a plan for me and for our family. So, I continue to pray that our house in Omaha will sell and that I will find an awesome career that I will love and be challenged at daily.

Maybe its just the female genes that take advantage of times like these to make the house a home. I totally sound like a 50's homemaker here- but stay with me. I'm going to be honest and say that I also feel quite guilty being able to stay at home during this time. It would probably be a different situation if I had a few kiddos to take care of and manage a house. That, I ASSURE you is a FULL TIME job, and I have both my mother and my mother-in-law to attest to that. But, its just me, little ol' me.

My daily schedule isn't jam packed with deadlines and meetings. I wake up leisurely and see Ryan off to work after making his lunch. I work out after that, going for a run or doing yoga. Then, I usually sit down with my breakfast and watch the morning shows, then check my email and head up to take a shower and get ready for the day. Each day is different, but most of them include a few tasks or "to do"s at the house. Unpack office boxes, make sure smoke alarms are working, bay pills, send birthday present, hang pictures, call and schedule dentist appointments, etc. etc. After a few to dos, I try my best to get out of the house for a while. Usually its a trip to the Post Office, or a walk around Target or Pier 1. I'm getting used to my surroundings and learning where everything is in Eden Prairie.

After my time out of the house, I head home- get a few more things done and start dinner before Ryan arrives. I have enjoyed my 8+ hours of sleep each night and my daily exercise. Because I'm able to take time to make my meals, they have been healthier and more thought out. We haven't eaten fast food in weeks and all of the laundry is finished before Ryan needs that dress shirt again. To be honest- it's nice. It's really nice. And I have my wonderful husband to thank that I have the opportunity to be able to take my time and find a career that I will really love. However, that guilt always seems to slip in a little, when Ryan comes home from work exhausted from a grueling work day, his blackberry still vibrating with emails and texts.

But I guess its all part of life. After 4.5 years of go go go classes/meetings/events in college, I graduated in December, and after the 1st of the year I started my first real world job. I have never had a "break" like this. And I know that in a few weeks, this may all change and I'll have a regular real world schedule just like I did before. So, I'm doing my best to enjoy this time and use it fully.

And just because no post is complete without some sort of picture of ours- here is a snowdrift just down the street from us. Minnesota has had one of the snowiest winters on record this year! Lucky for MN I LOVE snow!

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Jeannine said...

Amberly - I can totally understand your thoughts on this issue. When I started working with Changing Spaces, and we would have a few weeks go by without a client....I found myself with more free time than I was used to. I felt majorly guilty! And even during my last 2 weeks of pregnancy, when I wasn't doing much with Changing Spaces because I was so pregnant, I found myself putzing around the house....and feeling guilty! So, I've been there.

But I'm glad to see you write about how this is perhaps the first time since you were a kid that you had such free are and always have been one busy lady! So enjoy it!! And don't fool yourself that you aren't making valuable contributions. Husbands have a way of getting pretty used to coming home to a clean house and cooked dinner, clean clothes in the closet and many of the weekly household errands already done for them. I tell Todd all the time how lucky he is that he never has to run to Wal-Mart, Target, HyVee or Sam's on the weekend because I'm free to do all of that during the week.

So, enjoy yourself - and I know that you're all about finding little projects to keep you busy, so get to it! Doing those things...keeping the house nicely decorated, sending gifts to friends and family, managing the household's social calendar - those are all important things, too!

I have absolutely no doubt that someone is going to snatch you up - I honestly can't think of anyone I'd hire before you! And yes - take the time to by picky! Since your hubby is doing such a good job of taking care of the bills, you can afford the luxury of not taking the first thing that comes your way - instead wait for something you know will be an awesome fit!

Love you both and miss you here in NE!!