Friday, March 25, 2011

Maybe No Zoo Today?

We were very excited when we woke up last Sunday morning and saw the sun peek out of the clouds. As we got ready for the day and ate our breakfast, that sun seemed to retreat back into the clouds. We had a quick conversation over our cheerios:
"Do you want to go to the zoo today?" Ryan inquired.
"Of course I do!" I exclaimed
The zoo it was, easy as that! We strapped on our tennis shoes, and we grabbed the backpack and filled it with the camera, some goodies and our keys and we were off.

As we jumped into the Elantra and pulled out of the drive, the sunny day turned cloudy and misty. "Oh well, a little mist never hurt anyone, I have ponchos in the trunk." (yes- i have ponchos in my car just in case of these situations.) We were still pretty upbeat and figured the zoo would be less crowded this way.

As we drove farther east, the rain continued to get heavier and heavier. "Maybe the zoo's not such a great idea for today." Ryan said. And I agreed. As excited as we were about the zoo- we're used to rolling with the punches, and decided to walk around downtown St. Paul instead.

There weren't lions and tigers, elephants or giraffes in downtown St. Paul, but we did manage to find a flock of pigeons. :)

Ryan standing next to the pigeons

Pretending to run towards the pigeons

The result of actually running toward the pigeons

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