Sunday, March 13, 2011

Date Night in Minneapolis

Ryan has been pretty busy with work lately, and I've been busy decorating/cleaning the house, and doing some random chores and baking. So last Friday, we decided to head out for a date night- just the 2 of us.

We had seen a few hot spots in Minneapolis mentioned on The Travel Channel's "Man Vs. Food," and decided we had to see them for ourselves. So, our first stop was the 5-8 Club for a Juicy Lucy Burger. Basically, its the biggest and baddest cheeseburger you've ever had! In the middle of two generous heaps of ground beef is a dollop of cheese, so when you bite into this glorious creation- you get some warm cheese with your beef. I must admit it sounds kind of gross when I actually type it out. But it is DELICIOUS!

Anyway- we had a great time at the 5-8 Club. They don't take reservations, so we stood in the entryway for about 15 minutes before getting a seat. If you decide to go, make sure and head out early. We arrived around 5:30 and by the time we left at 6:45 the line was out the door! It sure was worth it!!! Apparently, there is another Juicy Lucy burger rival at another famous burger stop in Minneapolis that we'll have to try out as well.

After our stomachs were stuffed, we headed downtown for a drink or 2. Walking around downtown Minneapolis is very interesting, because it definitely has that big city feel even when its only 20 some degrees outside. As long as you are bundled up and have your mittens on, everything is accessible in Minnesota!

We stopped for a drink on the second floor of Brit's Pub- a cute British restaurant/bar that has a pretty chill vibe. It reminded me that only a few years go, Ryan, Sara, Melissa and I had frequented this exact same bar. Only at that time, it was summer and we sat outside on the sidewalk and sipped on Stella's. I'm sure we'll reprise that once June/July comes along.

Here are a few pictures from our evening. Of course, I was too enthralled with my Juicy Lucy burger to actually take a picture- so here are a few links from the Travel Channel episode. Enjoy!

Here is Ryan's Up Close shot of me and the Menu- See The Juicy Lucy?!

Photo Opportunity outside the 5-8 Club


Heading home after a wonderful date night!

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