Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meal Planning

Most of of you know that since we've moved to Minnesota, I have been hunting for new career opportunities here in the Twin Cities. I am happy to report that I have gone on a few interviews and things are looking up (so keep those fingers crossed). However, I wanted to show/tell you about what I've been doing to keep myself busy. After all, its Minnesota-in the middle of the snowiest month all year. I don't have many outdoors options, so I keep myself busy with a lot of little projects around the house.

The first project is something that I've been doing since Ryan and I were married. Meal Planning. Sometimes, the meal plans get tossed around when we don't feel like partaking in something on the schedule, but mostly we stick to it. This has definitely helped our food budget, and the amount of time it takes to decide what we're having for dinner.

Its no surprise to tell you that Ryan and I are frugal. Especially when it comes to something we can use up with limited time. We did our best to eat and use things in our Omaha pantry before we moved, but there were still a lot of staples that we didn't want to toss or give away. We knew that we'd have a big first grocery bill when we got here- so we packed up what we thought we would use and it now resides our new pantry!

Thankfully, I was able to start a meal plan with mostly the things we had in our pantry! Take a peek....

and yes, I also write some very important "to do"s on the list as well. Making chocolate chip cookies was quite high on that to do list. :)

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