Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Snow Storm

We've come to expect the unexpected around here. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, we're adjusting to the surroundings that Minnesota has to offer. That being said, it was this past Friday that I felt like I was in some sort of romantic comedy. We had just walked out of the movie theater on our date night when a freak snow storm ensued.

The flakes were big, white and fluffy- pretty and sparkly. I pulled up my furry hood and Ryan and I looked toward the skyline, all lit up for the night. I fully expected him to grab me around the waist and dip me on the sidewalk, while a crowd of on-lookers clapped and cheered as we kissed. That didn't happen? Oh, shucks. Must've been my imagination. ;)

Here's a little video of what it was like in person. It was magical.

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