Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blue Blue Blue!

When we moved into our house in Minnesota, we had a lot of projects we wanted to accomplish. And one of those projects included painting the master bedroom. As much as the white walls were crisp and fresh, we needed to infuse a little color to make it feel warmer.

Here it is very WHITE...

We knew we wanted to do blue in our bedroom. But we didn't want it to come out looking baby blue or too dark blue. So we opted for a blue with a hint of gray in it. Its hard to see in these pictures, but the color gives the room such a warmer, relaxing and friendlier feel.

Here's Ryan getting ready to get his paint on.

And the color is going on! As you can see, I was a bit anal with the furniture and made sure to double dropcloth it just in case :)

Again, its hard to see in this next picture, but its a subtle grayish blue. This picture was taken at night after we were all finished, so its hard to read, I'll make sure to get some new pictures to share soon! It feels so much better now. And with the curtains, pillows and my hopefully new shelf/frame project to come soon, our Master Bedroom will be complete. Now...onto the next project!

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