Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last Evening with Our Tree

I'm a sucker for Christmas, so when it came to taking our tree down the first week in January, I wasn't very happy about it. It always makes me a little sad to have to take down the ornaments one by one and all of the Christmas cheer that came with them. So this year, before we took everything down and put it away, we spent one last evening with our Christmas tree.

We poured ourselves a few glasses of wine, turned on some music and hung out by the fire.

Even Lola told me that she was going to miss napping under the tree. However, I'm pretty sure she's ready to get her full window space back so she can chase the squirrels in our front living room.

This is Ryan's artistic shot. A little wine/tree combo.

Until Christmas 2012, we'll see you later tree!

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