Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Rest of Our Decor

Usually I put up more than just a Christmas tree to decorate for the holidays, and this year is no exception. However, for some reason I didn't take any pictures in the other rooms of our house, just the living room. So you'll have to imagine that Christmas was infused in every nook and cranny at the Austad household.

Of course we hung a wreath on the front door with a bright red ribbon and used our two small lighted Christmas Trees out front as well.- They added a little Christmas welcome along with our single strand of white lights along the garage door.

The staircase was decorated with garland and snowflakes, however the snowflakes that were supposed to be in the middle of the right garland had to be taken down because an unnamed puppy continued to bite at them and I'm sure ingested a good bit of glitter as well. p.s. she's doing fine, but it did make her morning #2 quite pretty.

I tried a large bowl candle centerpiece I found on pinterest, and it turned out so cute! I used white and glittered candles from our wedding for the centerpiece and then added a couple strands of clear beads and some mini gold Christmas ornaments. The snowflake mini tablecloth was made by my Aunt Vikki and we used it at our wedding, so I had to bring it out again. While I was home in Columbus, my mom had me grab a few things, and among those things was a book my grandma gave me when I was little. "My Special Christmas", my name along with my friends and brothers and sister's names were in it, and I cherish it because it was something my Grandma would've loved to see me have in my home someday.

Most of you know that my favorite place to decorate is the fireplace mantle, I'm not sure what it is about a mantle, but I didn't have one ever until we moved into our Omaha house, and I will always have one from now on. Snowflake decor from our wedding, along with our nativity set, random red candles and red and silver ornaments (purchased last January from Target on a HUGE discount) adorned the mantle as well as our new stockings!

Stockings are very very important to me. I'm pretty sure that one of my all-time favorite Christmas decorations at my parents house were the stockings when I was little. And this year we needed new ones since our little Lola didn't exactly have one that would've matched our silver ones from last year. So, since we moved up north, I decided to go with a Norwegian look. What do you think? I absolutely love them, when I purchased them and received them in October, I counted down the days until I got to hang them up!

I also love our nativity set. Since we were married in January, we registered for a few Christmas things, and we received this from my Uncle Keith and Aunt Vikki. Last year an angel was added to the collection, and I have a feeling I'll continue to add to it in the years to come.

I put away our Christmas decor this past weekend, I'm kind of bummed about it...but I'm sure it'll feel new and shiny again come December of 2012.

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