Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sweet Girl

Lola is ridiculously sweet sometimes.

Usually in the morning, she knows our routine-
Walk with mom
Come home and say good morning to Dad
Eat breakfast while mom showers
Say goodbye to Dad
Hang out while mom gets ready
Go downstairs
Get a Treat
Up into the Kennel

Ryan and I are creatures of habit, so not surprisingly Lola is too. One morning as I was blow drying my hair I saw Lola laying on the carpet in our master bedroom just watching Good Morning America like she always does. As I turned to the mirror to make sure my bangs were dried at just the right angle, I felt a little paw at my left shin. Lola was sitting patiently and pawing my shin...someone wanted a little attention.

This someone...

I turned off my hair dryer and bent down to pet her, where she decided my knee was the best place to rest her head, apparently she didn't want Mom to go to work that day.

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