Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Date Night!

Ryan and I celebrated the beginning of Winter with a date night! We had been hearing that La Rosa Mexicano was the new spot to check out downtown Minneapolis. And since the holidazzle parade was happening every Thursday through Sunday in December we figured we might as well hit that up too.

The lighting in the restaurant wasn't great, but the atmosphere was. This was before I got my haircut short, and I must admit the long stuff was pulling me down, good call Amberly, good call.

Ryan looked quite dapper all dressed up for date night

Guacamole made right at our table? Yes Please!

We were quite impressed with La Rosa, and will definitely continue to visit often. However, we'll stick to 1 margarita each next time. By the time we each finished off our 2nd margarita during our hour dinner, we both felt like we were flying- it was a great experience, and the drinks were fantastic! :)

After dinner, we headed over to Nicollet Mall for the Holidazzle parade. Now I must give you some background to this. Ryan used to tell me about this parade when we lived in Nebraska, saying we'd have to go one year and stand in the skyways and enjoy it with our kids. I was super pumped for it, and with the 2 margaritas in me, I was equally excited about the music and floats- see example below...

It felt like something out of a movie when the snow lightly started to fall, the streetlights turned off and only the twinkle of the Christmas lights on the posts lit the street. The parade was about to start!

The first few floats when by with lighted carriages and silly dressed up Santas. And then it stopped....for 10 minutes. Another float went by, and then stopped again for 10 more minutes, and it continued like this for a while. The police officers were letting the traffic on the busy downtown streets go by and the parade was on hold. I wasn't havin' it and had to use the bathroom. So we ditched the parade about 1/2 way through, went to Macy's, used the restroom, where I thought I lost my watch, went back to the restroom to find it and it wasn't there, and then we went home.

We had such a great time that night, even though the parade was a bit of a let down...and come to find out, I hadn't worn my watch at all that night and it was safe at home the entire time. What a fun/random night! Date night success!

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