Friday, January 27, 2012

Everything Under the Kitchen Sink

You've heard the quote, "everything but the kitchen sink,"... this is a new take on everything that's under there. As I've mentioned before, I am in love with Pinterest. All of the super easy DIY things that I have pinned are on my to do list at home to get taken care of in 2012. The one thing I knew I had to tackle was taking care of the cabinet under our kitchen sink.

Step 1: I purchased some sticky vinyl flooring for $0.68 each at Menards! Making this entire project under $10.

Step 2: I took EVERYTHING out of the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

This ridiculous amount of stuff includes: 1 dust pan, 1 liquid dish washing detergent, 1 dry dish washing detergent, a water spray bottle, dish washing detergent all in 1 packs, Armour All, Pet stain remover, dish washing soap, 2 pack of Lysol wipes, 2 vases, 1 old candle, a pink watering can, lotion and some random dishcloths. REALLY? ALL of THAT was under THERE? I must say I neglected this area after we moved in almost a year ago. There were other DIY things going on that the kitchen sink cabinet wasn't on my agenda. Thankfully, this has been pared down to only the necessities.

Step 3: Measure the exact length and width of the kitchen cabinet., I shudder just seeing this again.

Step 4: Cut the vinyl pieces to fit the measurements. And also put away your Christmas plates and mugs already!

Step 5: Keep those scraps for small repairs later on down the road, you may not know when you will need them next!

Step 6: Step back and marvel at the beauty that is under your kitchen sink. isn't that better?

More Pinterest DIY projects to come!

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