Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I read on a pet board once that dogs that live in cold weather climates (and Minnesota definitely is included) need to make sure and keep their paws safe during the winter.

This article mentioned doggie booties as a way to keep your dog safe. When Lola and I go for her morning walk, I usually just go around the couple blocks around our house, so we aren't outside for more than 20 minutes, just enough time for her to stretch her legs and get her duty done, and for me to wake up (especially when its 10 degrees out).

However, sometimes Ryan and I like to take longer winter walks, and that's where the booties come in. See doggie paws are resilient to weather, however not for an extended period of time, and our long walks are usually around 45 minutes to an hour. Enter Booties.

This way ice doesn't build up in between her toes and harm her little body. We tried them on the night I got them for her, and she wasn't too sure about them. Here she is saying, "Mom, REALLY?"

Right away she bit at them and tried to rip off the velcro. I figured they'd be great for when she wants to go run and play outside. But then realized that she will probably just rip them off anyway- so they will be reserved for long walks so we can monitor her bootie biting. I think she looks awfully cute in them.

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