Thursday, December 22, 2011

simple things

Every once in a while its a good reminder for me to stop and think about the simple things in life that I relish the most. Those moments when life can't get any cozier or any sweeter, any more fun, or any more exciting. The moments where I think to myself, can life really get any better?

Its also the moments when I think to myself, "Do I deserve this?" And God, "Why have you chosen me to be so lucky?" And when all of my world is falling down around me, I have these things to lift me up and to look forward to. When I was going through my past pictures, there were large event pictures and the posed decorations. There were special holidays and moments where it makes sense to take a picture. And then there were those photos of the every day. The ones that show off our real life...the one that we live each and every day.

Like this photo:

I love it because it looks like Lola is laughing at me. Often times I'm in the guest bedroom doing a craft or a project and Lola comes in to hang out with me, 5 minutes later Ryan is looking for us both, and he usually ends up there next to her. He's chatting with me as I finish a craft and we're talking about who knows what.

And this one sums our summer up:

Its not that we drank a lot of beer- its the spontaneity of it. After walking around downtown on one summer Saturday afternoon, Ryan and I decided that we were ready for a drink. So out of the blue, we found a random restaurant with outdoor seating and we did just that- sat and drank. We didn't really have anything to take care of. And that was the beauty of it all. No plans. No schedule. No work. No Nothing. It was just grand. And those are the moments that don't get photographed very often.

I love this one too:

The bright green grass almost blinds my eyes right now (seeing as I'm writing this in December). But the little speck of blue in our black dog's mouth makes me smile. She is so incredibly happy in the wide open field, just running with her Frisbee. Every once in a while we would throw it and she'd take after it like a banshee. But most of the time she just ran around with it in her mouth, doing her own the beat of her own drummer- happy as a clam.

Oh small moments. Life is made up of so many of them, its just taking the time to actually notice them.

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