Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving- Austad Style

Every year since we've been married, Ryan and I have carved pumpkins for Halloween. Though a little eye rolling always ensues, and I hear the comment "We don't have kids, why are we doing this again?" I continue to make it a tradition. Because it might be fun someday for our kids to look back before they were born and see that mom and dad still did silly stuff, even before them. :)

In 2009 we carved scary pumpkins. And in 2010 we went a little more retro and welcoming. So this year we decided to go with hometown meets owl.

Here is Ryan getting his pumpkin prepped. Don't mind the mangled garden hoses in the background...we were re-organizing the garage at this point.

Here's Lola helping him out and offering some pumpkin encouragement. Lola didn't get to carve a pumpkin this year since she's still a pup, and needs to be careful with a knife. :) Doesn't she look like a Halloween mummy with those green eyes? Darn flash!

Ahhh...that's better. Normal eyes, and helping Mom carve her pumpkin.

The final products:

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