Saturday, December 31, 2011

Columbus Road Trip

Sometimes Ryan travels for work, usually its only a few days during the week, and Lola and I keep ourselves busy while he's away. However, there was a weekend in November when Ryan left over the weekend, so Lola and I decided to take a road trip to Columbus to visit with my mom and dad and their beagle, Zoey.

Lola is definitely a trooper in the car now.

And once we got to Columbus, she was ready to stretch her legs and play outside with Zoey a bit. The dogs had so much fun running around in the backyard together- we didn't even have to take them on walks they wore themselves out that much!

We arrived late on a Thursday evening, so my Mom and I went out for lunch on Friday to catch up and have some girl time.

And the doggies napped

The weather was so beautiful that weekend, we were able to sit outside around the fire pit and just hang out with the dogs.

It was such a great weekend in Columbus. And Lola loves visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house. She feels right at home there. How could you resist that face? :)

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