Saturday, December 31, 2011


While I was in Columbus, I had the chance to visit with my Grandpa Mihulka. Since my Grandma passed away about a year ago at the time of our visit, my Grandpa hadn't been doing as well as we had hoped. His memory fails him from time to time, but there are little glimmers of things he believe he knows and he sticks to them and continues to talk about them.

While I was visiting, he told me that he had a flyer above his TV of some people he knew. I hadn't seen it yet and figured that it was probably something he had pulled from a magazine or had received in the mail that he taped up to one of the picture frames. But when he got up to show me, I realized that he knew all along. He told me that he didn't know these people but he loved them. It turned out to be a flyer from the Austad's Golf father's day mailer. And there was a picture of Ryan, Sara and Dave on the cover. He recognized their faces, but wasn't sure why.

I do love my grandpa, and now in his childlike chatter and stories that he tells, I am reminded that life is a gift and we should truly live it everyday.

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