Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Hole To China

As a Golden Retriever, Lola has a love for digging. Because our backyard leaves something to be desired (we'll have a professional landscaper come out this spring), it doesn't really bother us when she goes to town in some of the rough spots. However, this particular day it looked like Lola was digging her way to China.

Ryan had been out on his run and when he came back, he told me to come outside with the camera. Miss Lola was as proud as she could be, showing us that she had dug her hole and then continued to drop her toys and bones into it for safe keeping. After taking some pictures it was time to make sure we filled the hole. Lola was none to pleased....but I'm sure she'll do it again somewhere.

This is when Ryan found it...

And Lola proceeded to show us how proud she was of it.

You can't tell from the angle of this picture but I'm pretty sure the hole was about 2-3 feet deep.

Bye hole!

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