Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our 1st Fire

One of the things that we were most excited about when we moved into our Minnesota home was the wood burning fireplace. Now, both of us are brand new to the wood fire place stuff. Our Omaha house and apartment had gas fireplaces, and Ryan's parent's fireplace is also gas, so this was going to be a new adventure.

Our first fire included using some untreated firewood and some starter sticks...which proved to be a bit more difficult than the Duraflame stax we later found at Target.

Here Ryan is getting everything ready to go

And adding the sticks

Getting it started

And we have fire success!

What could be better? A man, his fire and his dog!

We really do love the fireplace and have spent many nights enjoying a glass of wine in front a warm and cozy fire. The crackling of the wood and the variation of the flames really can't be beat.

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