Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Water Please!

I'm sure that most parents keep note of their children's behavior and silly antics. One night Ryan and I were watching TV when Lola moseyed over to her food and water bowls. We figured she just needed a drink or a snack and didn't think much of it. Until we started hearing noises. Lola was flipped her water bowl over with her paw and moving it around the kitchen floor. Ryan and I watched as she continually did this for the next 15 minutes. We weren't going to let her go thirsty, but we wanted to see what she would do.

After she was fed up with the flipping, she casually grabbed the bowl with her mouth and set it over by us. I had only a few moments to catch a picture before she was in my face whining. It was pretty cute to say the least.

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