Saturday, December 31, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

A fun Austad Family Fact- For the almost 3 years we have been married, our Christmas Tree has been located in 3 different homes.

First at our apartment in Omaha:

Then in our house in Omaha:

And now in our house in Minnesota, where we hope we will have many more Christmases to come! I always love the days after Thanksgiving, putting our house together in all of its Christmas glory- from trees to wreaths, twinkle lights, nativities and baking cookies- our house is full of Christmasy things.

Thankfully I had this guy to help me along in putting up the Christmas Tree

And Lola helped a bit too :)

Once the tree was fully put together it was my job to start stringing the lights and adding the Christmas ornaments.

I know I shared this picture earlier, but Lola was enthralled with our tree and the treeskirt. Thankfully she didn't break or bite up any of our ornaments...or the tree.

After the tree was put together, it was time for me to start adding Christmas spirit to every other nook and cranny of our house. Ryan and Lola supervised while drinking hot cocoa and chewing on a bone...Ryan with the cocoa, Lola with the bone, in case you were confused. :)

After everything was done, it was finally time to sit and enjoy

I love the feeling of turning off all the overhead lights and lamps and just letting the Christmas lights do the talking. It adds a whole new glow to the house and a Christmas warmth.

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