Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lobster Visits

We have an open paws policy at work. Meaning if you're dog is well-behaved, you're more than welcome to bring him/her in to hang out while you work the day away!

As much as I'd love to bring Lola into work with me, to hang out and keep me company while I'm typing away, she's still a bit too young to just hang at my desk all day. However, I do get my fix of doggie, with my friend Lobster.

Lobster is a golden retriever that belongs to Melissa one of our Account Directors. Since her desk is only a few feet from mine, Lobster visits are eminent. Usually he just moseys over and checks out what I'm doing. But sometimes when I'm having lunch he lays right next to my chair. He definitely has a good nose, as he's usually around when I have food. He's such a good dog!

I'm sure Lola will come visit someday too :)

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