Monday, December 19, 2011

Wine Country - Part 2

Day 2 in Wine Country made us feel like we were pros at wine tasting. Our first appointment on Day 2 was at Cakebread Cellars. A family owned winery that doesn't have gigantic signage out front or a large presence for visitors. The entrance is quaint and quiet and a real gem in the middle of Napa Valley. When we drove up we actually missed the entrance!

Once we arrived, we were greeted with enthusiasm and told to sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the sunshine while we waited for the tour to begin. It was such a lovely day, and we were able to get by with just wearing a cardigan over our dresses that morning. The took us on a tour of the grounds and we actually got to go in the vineyard aisles and taste the grapes being grown. They were bitter, but still had the taste of good wine to come.

The tasting at Cakebread was grand. We were led into a spacious room with thick wooden chairs that each held a space for each taster. The view of our room looked out over the vineyard and sparkled with the morning dew. The tasting lasted almost 2 hours! We were able to really get some good insight into what foods would go well with each pairing and the background of each wine. After a tour of the bottling and distributing areas we were off!

The rows and rows of grapes- these were Cabernet Sauvignon

Ryan enjoying a taste

The beautiful view from our tasting room

Jessup Cellars was next! And thankfully we had some family friends that were able to give us a private tour and tasting at their tasting room in Yountville. We sat and dined with Christine who gave us great pairing information, while we sipped wine, dined on chocolate and cheeses. We felt so lucky to have that experience and be able to just enjoy our wine in a small secluded area, where we could chat and reflect on the days before.

Jessup was such a calming atmosphere and the perfect end to a perfect day and visit to Napa Valley.

Enjoying Jessup Cellars

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