Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kitchen Accent Wall

As some of you may remember, when we moved into our house in February we had big plans for change. We already painted the kitchen cabinets in the kitchen, and then I painted an upstairs guest bedroom to make things feel a bit more cozy. Well, it was now time for the hideous red accent wall in the kitchen to go. It took us quite a while to find just the right calming green to go in the space, but after we found tadpole green- we were ready to rock and ribbit. :) see what I did there. Clever huh? :)

Here's what the wall looked like before. Of course not with all the tape and spackle.

And on goes the green...see ya red! Going...



Ahhh...isn't that much better?

We have big plans to paint all of the trim a crisp natural white once we find blinds that will match the color we're going for. So this area will get even more spiffed up once that happens. But isn't this much better then that pinkish red staring you in the face? I think so. Ahhh..calming.

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