Saturday, December 31, 2011


I loved decorating our Omaha house for fall last year, so when I got out the plastic bins aptly labeled fall/autumn in our storage area, I was tickled to see some "old friends." Its funny how in just a year you can forget all of the wonderful decorations you put up last year. It's like a free gift you give yourself every time you decorate :)

This year, I was able to find new spots (yet again) for all of my decorations.

Our kitchen didn't get much of a makeover, just a few fall hints here and there. A fall wreath on the pantry door, some fall dish towels, and some cheery sunflowers on the kitchen ledge.

The dining room area I spruced up with our crystal vase, some fake apples, a pumpkin holder and some floral stems.

And the wine cabinet got a fall lift too! Replace the collection of wine corks with mini pumpkins, some fall leaves and voila!

The family room bookcase was adorned with mini pumpkins, a cute girly scarecrow and some random leaves.

And my favorite place to decorate- the mantle. A glittered pumpkin sits on top of a crystal candle holder, with mini pumpkins and leaves along the edges, and a maroon mum on the opposite end.

It was so cozy to come home to fall in our house as the leaves fell outside. :)

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