Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meeting Ansley

Ryan and Nik have been great friends since they were little. Nik was the best man in our wedding in January 2009, and Ryan was lucky enough to be part of his wedding in June of 2010.

Nik wed Stacy that June and they are such a wonderful and fantastic couple. They are loving and caring, sweet, funny and oh so cute together. They added a precious addition to their family this past fall with the arrival of Ansley Joy. We were able to meet Ansley when we took a trip to Brookings in November.

Ryan was a pro at holding Ansley, as he took care of little sister, Abbie, when she was a baby.

And then Abbie had to take her turn and hold Ansley. Although it only lasted a minute before she was ready to hand her over.

And then I got my chance to hold baby A. So incredibly sweet and lovey, I cuddled little Ansley Joy as much as I could.

We are so thankful for the blessing that is Ansley Joy and her parents are so incredibly proud. Welcome to the world Ansley and Congratulations Nik & Stacie!

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