Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Lola Bear

Our little Lola Bear grew up so fast- right before our eyes. I just can't believe it! This must be the feeling that parents have when they see baby pictures of their now 3 year old and think, "Where did that time go?" I am aware that a dog is probably nothing like an actual human infant, but at least I can draw some similarities.

When Lola was a puppy I remember thinking, I absolutely love this stage, but I can't wait until she's potty trained, can go on a decent walk, and we can trust her in the house without watching her every move. And now that she has mastered all of those things, I wish that she was a tiny cuddly puppy again. You always want what you can't have right?

Ryan and I are so lucky to have found the perfect pup for us. She's gentle and sweet when she's tired and content, and she's active and enthusiastic when she's playing. She's not huge (clocking in around 55 pounds) and she's not too small. She's just the right amount of puppy and she's truly becoming an adult dog. Lola will turn one in January, and we can already see that she's going to be a great pet for our family someday.

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